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Oaklet by Rebecca Lemon

Oaklet by Rebecca Lemon


This piece is one of a series depicting spirits of life. In “Oaklet” I used the bark of an oak tree to

evoke the craggy nature of a tree that symbolizes endurance and strength. This little one is a bit of a sapling.

My masks are portraits of the various elemental life forces that populate nature, mythology, and folklore. This mask is the personification of one of the most beautiful silent co-inhabitants of our earth.

This mask is fired in reduction with oxides and glaze, and is wired to be mounted on the wall.

When fired in reduction, the oxides and glaze pull oxygen from the clay body and the glaze

chemicals, resulting in an almost magical transformation that is never completely predictable.

Height: 8”

Wide: 3.5 “

Depth: 3.25”

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