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Mischief by Rebecca Lemon

Mischief by Rebecca Lemon


This piece is one of a series depicting elements of fire and earth, specifically the layers of

sedimentary deposits. I’m fascinated by the layering of minerals in sedimentary rock, and the

story they tell of the stone’s passage through time.

My masks are portraits of the various elemental life forces that populate nature, mythology, and folklore. This mask is the personification of the profound forces that shape our world.

This stoneware mask was fired in reduction with some glaze and oxides, but primarily derives its color from the minerals in the various clays used in the piece. When fired in reduction, the

oxygen is pulled from the clay body, oxides, and glaze chemicals, resulting in an almost magical transformation that is never completely predictable. It is wired to be mounted on the wall.

Height: 7.50”

Wide: 5.25”

Depth: 3”

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