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Matthew X. Curry


Matthew X. Curry

My drawings and sculptural work are meant to evoke a sort of 4th dimension connecting emotive, physical, spiritual and intellectual worlds perhaps yet unknown but perceived through the medium of art and imagination.  My art is inspired by nature, malleable time, the sciences, geometry, laws of physics, and a healthy dose of jazz, fused with the joy of drawing and hand crafting - a heady place to reside and dream.

The sculptures, furniture and exotic wood boxes combine all aspects of my ideas and career.  Each piece is an exploration and experiment in technique, idea, craft and material.

Matthew's pieces are in the collections of:

Congressman and Mrs. Baird, WA
Professor George Lefcoe - Ervin and Florine Yoder Chair in Real Estate Law, USC, Los Angeles
Grace Episcopal Church, Bainbridge Island, WA
Greg Robinson - Executive Curator of The Bainbridge Museum of Art
Matthew Coates - Architect of The Bainbridge Museum of Art, Coates Design
Michael and Barbara Bellisimo, Executive Director, The Cleveland Clinic
James Middleton - TV/Film Producer, Los Angeles CA
Sue and Gary Kozik, Seattle
And many others coast to coast and north to south.


Available Boxes:

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