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Leiabella Jewelry

Leia Bella Jewelry

In 2013 Leia Beila was born. The business and brand is named after my mother, Linda Beth, who was an avid crafter and an art teacher. Leia Beila was my mother’s Hebrew name. After passing away from breast cancer in 1990, my mothers passion for the arts was forever imprinted in me. As a homage to my mom, I wanted to create a business based on art, individuality, and strength; to bring high quality, handcrafted jewelry to people who want and deserve to feel beautiful and empowered.

Leia Beila is an independent jewelry brand based in Seattle, WA., featuring original bold designs for the modern badass woman. I believe in true self expression through my designs, and creating jewelry that is an extension of body and mind for women who dare to be different. Leia Beila is for the ones who value style as their outlet and LOVE expressing themselves through the art of fashion. For those who have a desire, and appreciation for fine crafted jewelry, and thrive off creativity and originality.