Cat Pair

By Georgia Gerber
17”H x 17”W x 11”D

Georgia Gerber, born 1955, grew up in Chester County, Pennsylvania, studied sculpture and bronze casting at Bucknell University, and moved west to attend Graduate School at the University of Washington. Her professional career began at that time. Along with her husband and 18 year-old daughter she lives on rural Whidbey Island, Washington, where she operates her own studio and foundry with the assistance of two women artisans and her husband. She primarily works with life size animal and human figures, often incorporating architectural or abstract elements into the design. A career emphasis has been the creation of accessible public artwork that encourages viewer interaction.

"I like my sculpture to invite an interaction with its audience. This is often meant to be a direct physical interaction, but always I strive to engage the viewer's imagination. I tend to present an incomplete visual narrative; a story is suggested, a feeling evoked, and the viewers find themselves providing details."
- Georgia Gerber

Stretching Fox

by Georgia Gerber
Bronze Sculpture
15" H x 41" W x 16" D

Artic Embrace

26"H x 31"W x 21"D
2016 / Edition of 15


14"H x 24"W x 10"D
2016 / Edition of 15

Barred Owl

14"H x 7"W x 6"D
2015 / Edition of 15

Covey of Quail

12"H x 19"W x 10"D
2015 / Edition of 15

Rabbit Block

2015 / Edition of 15
10"H x 7"W x 7"D


Raven and Wren

By Georgia Gerber
18”H x 17”W x 11”D


2015 / Edition of 25
12"H x 4"W x 4.5"D


"Leap Rabbits" (set of 3)

2014 / Edition of 25
8"H x 21"W x 4.5"D

Colt with Turtle
life size

2014 / Edition of 15

items shown sold separately
"Oregon Duck, Wings Up"
20"h x 18"w x 17"d
2002 / Edition of 15

"Oregon Duck, Wings Down"
16"h x 25"w x 11"d
2002 / Edition of 15

Gull Riders

22"H x 17"W x 9"D
2014 / Edition of 15

Katie Springer Spaniel

27"H x 22"W x 14"D
2013 / Edition of 15

Two Cubs

13"H x 19"W x 9"D
2014 / Edition of 15

Cubs with Mother

2013 / Edition of 15

Polar Bear

2012 Bronze / Edition of 25
7"H x 5"W x 12"D

Young Hawk

2011 / Edition of 15
22"H x 12"W x 14"D

Boy's Night Out (Enlargement)

011 / Edition of 15
41"H x 29"W x 26"D (each)

Tufted Puffins

Larger than Life"
2009 / Edition of 15
31"H x 53"W x 15"D

Nubian Goat

2011 / Edition of 15
24"H x 31"W x 9"D

Black Bear Cub

27"H x 20"W x 11"D

Selected List of Public Sculpture

  • Streetscape Downtown Renovation, Wichita, Kansas 1997 - 2000
  • Woodland Park Zoo, Seattle, Washington 1997, 1993
  • Brown's Ferry Park, Tualatin, Oregon 1997
  • University Village, Seattle, Washington 1995
  • University of Washington, Seattle, Washington 1995
  • Maritime Museum, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 1995
  • Wholey Fish and Meat Market, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 1993
  • Mt. St. Helens Commemorative, Weyerhaeuser Co. 1991
  • Linfield College, McMinnville, Oregon 1990
  • The High Desert Museum, Bend, Oregon 1989
  • Cornerstone Development, Tacoma, Washington 1987
  • Pike Place Market Foundation, Seattle, Washington 1986
  • Grand Northern Building, Anchorage, Alaska 1983

Nestled Rabbits


Edition of 15

11”H x 16”W x 11”D

Wren Basket

2003 / Edition of 25
23"H x 9"W x 5"D



Bronze Sculpture
by Georgia Gerber
47" H x 36" W x 43" D

Golden Retriever.jpg

Golden Retriever

Bronze Sculpture
18”h x 52”w x 24”d


Otter Moon

By Georgia Gerber
19”H x 28”W x 9”D


by Georgia Gerber
Bronze Sculpture
8" H x 12" W x 8" D

Five Chicks

2015 / Edition of 15
4"H x 9"W x 7"D

Osprey 2017-1.jpg

“Osprey” (Sea Hawk)

By Georgia Gerber
17”H x 24”W x 8”D


20"H x 31"W x 21"D
2016 / Edition of 15

Colt Maquette

2015 / Edition of 15
11"H x17"W x 5"D

Raven Moon

2015 / Edition of 15
19"H x 18"W x 9"D

English Hare

2015 / Edition of 15
18"H x 10"W x 6"D


Mother Harbor Seal with Pup

“Mother Harbor Seal with Pup”
by Georgia Gerber
19”H x 58”W x 32”D


“Grady” Labrador

2016 edition of 15
31”H x 27”W x 22”D


20"H x 17"W x 10"D
2014 / Edition of 15

Bowed Raven (Large)

2013 / Edition of 15
24"H x 37"W x15"D

Settling Owl

14"H x 17"W x 15"D
2013 / Edition of 15

Turtle and Rabbit

15"H x 13"W x 11"D
2014 / Edition of 15

Beaver with Pup

2012 / Edition of 15
11"H x 33"W x 17"D

Beaver with Stick

2010 / Edition of 15
12"H x 30"W x 11"D

Sitting Beaver

2010 / Edition of 15
14'H x 14"W 14"D

Large Paired Geese

2009 / Edition of 15
26"H x 38"W x 26"D

Crouching Rabbit

11"H x 22"W x 10"D


2003 / Edition of 15
9"H x 17"W x 11"D

River Run

edition of 15
14"h x 24"w x 6"

"Duck Trio" 

2014 / Edition of 15
9"H x 15"W x 8"D

Hawk Owl 2017-1.jpg

Hawk Owl

By Georgia Gerber
17”H x 11” W x 7”D

Peregrine Falcon.jpg

Peregrine Falcon

1996 Bronze Sculpture
21”h x 15”w x 8”d