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Featured artist for April: Lolly Shera

Lolly Shera will be presenting new works.

ARTIST TALK: 2:00 PM on Saturday April 6th.

Lolly will be present at Gallery Mack from 2-4pm!

Lolly Shera is a contemporary landscape painter, praised for her evocative, timeless landscapes. Her oil paintings evoke a contemplative quality, awakening a sense of place that is both mysterious, yet familiar. Lolly’s inspiration draws upon the works of the Hudson River School and the American Tonalist movement. 

In Lolly’s words:

There is a spiritual essence in nature that draws me in, and invites me to reconcile the beauty I see with the emotions I feel.  While my landscape paintings are based in realism and my style is naturalistic, the intention behind my work is one of idealization and poetry.  I seek to explore what it means to bring forth a sense of ambiguity and mystery to my work, not so much a literal translation of a scene. While working outdoors,  I attempt to capture the salient forms and blur details in order to convey nature’s mood and its impression upon me. The motifs for my paintings are chosen for their depictions of intimate nearby farmlands, river scenes and rural places - often at dusk and dawn.  Through my work, it is my goal to engage the viewer in connecting to their own memories and experiences in nature. I am inspired by the late 19th c. American Tonalist painters, early forgers of the unique American landscape ideal.