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Carson Wind Sculptures at Gallery Mack

Andrew Carson Wind Sculptures

Glassinator 440-259 AndrewCarsonSculpture.com.jpg


Glass and Metal Wind Sculpture

Available on Stainless Steel and Copper
111"h x 46"w

Glassinator provides the focal point and center for any landscape design. Glassinator has more than 40 pieces of moving glass that capture the light and wind.

“Every one absolutely loves it.  I am so excited over it. The colors and movements are memorizing. You just want to stay outside and watch it.” Jim B, Vancouver WA.

minicolor swirl.jpg

Mini Color Swirl

by Andrew Carson

Stainless Steel Pillar

78"H x 26"W

Mini Color Swirl is just the wind sculpture to add color and visual pop to any garden.

Each part moves independently.

Works well in light wind conditions.

Maintenance and worry free.

Mountable on concrete or bolted to a deck.


Small Color Galaxy

By Andrew Carson

Glass and Metal Wind Sculpture

105"h x 55"w

I love how the glass pieces move and catch the light. It’s a delight.
— Bill C., Maine.

Contact us to order yours!

It’s the focal point of my garden
— Doug H. Seattle WA
We simply love it
— Erinn S.
Leafy Phoenix 202-309 AndrewCarsonSculpture.com.jpeg

Leafy Phoenix

By Andrew Carson

50"W x 111" H on stainless or copper pillar

Leafy Phoenix is the culmination of design and functionality. Each Leafy Phoenix is built by Andrew’s team by hand. Pillar heights can be as tall as 12 feet.

Leafy Phoenix does not need heavy winds to work. A light breeze will send this lovely wind sculpture flowing in light.

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